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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

We are so very thankful to all the Shining Stars who have generously donated, supported, encouraged and lifted Cozy Cares.  Your amazing hearts have helped us be there for so many in need. We can't do this without your love and kindness.  Thank you for being part of this amazing village.

Shining Stars: Welcome

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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Because of You

Past Fundraising, Adoption and Awareness Events

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Thank You Paws

Every donor received a very cool "Paw" on our "Paws Wall of Thanks" all to help raise money to purchase Pet Pools and Blocks of Ice to help keep our furry shelter and rescue strays cool, safe and happy during extreme summer heat.  Each donor received a Thank You Paw Post with their name and quite a bit of bragging on all our social media pages.


My Furry Valentine

Our Valentine Fundraiser helped raise funds to purchase food, treats, dishes, leashes, collars, pet pads, blankets, beds, paper towels, kitty litter and more.  Items shelters and rescues need - always.  Each Furry Valentine Donor received a sweet heart and social media post filled with overflowing gratitude.



Join us in making a real difference.

Shining Stars: Programs

Cozy Cares is making new relationships every day through in-person visits, networking and lots of social media interaction.  Here are some of the rescues and shelters that we have donated to, worked with and supported since we opened our doors.  Our dream is to add to this list as often as we can and support as many organizations we can.

If you know a shelter, rescue or situation that needs support - please let us know.

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Thank you to some very special and generous businesses who have sponsored us with donations and items to help us do what we do!

* Sheppard Properties

*  Let's Get This Party Poppin

Shining Stars: Who We Are
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